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Odor Control Is Important in Bellevue Fire Damage Restoration

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Engulfed Wall Don’t let your property be a victim of fire damage, SERVPRO of Bellevue West is only a call away.

Bellevue Fire Damage Restoration Efforts Are Impacted by Deodorization Factors

One of the essential tasks of Bellevue fire remediation services is odor neutralization. This work is crucial because it makes burned homes livable and pleasant to live in again. Therefore, restoration experts know the factors that affect the odorization of different materials and their severity. Also, good remediators are educated on eliminating unwanted fire-related smells. 

SERVPRO is a Bellevue fire damage restoration firm that is highly trained and experienced in deodorization methods. This expertise is in addition to our general house fire clean-up, smoke remediation, and fire restoration skills in rehabilitating fire-damaged homes. As far as SERVPRO’s knowledge of deodorization factors goes, we understand that the following five main characteristics determine the severity of odors and the materials they impact most:

  • Odor particle size – in general, odor particles are exceedingly small and the smaller they are, the more areas and items they can permeate
  • Residue concentration – the more concentrated smelly residues are, the greater the material surface area they can affect.
  • Surface porosity – more porous surfaces tend to take in more odors
  • Heat – higher temperatures cause porous surfaces to expand, and colder temperatures make them contract, which means hotter burning fires often lead to more odor-related problems and the proximity of items to a fire impact how much odor they absorb 
  • Exposure time – the more extended surfaces experience high temperatures and the presence of odor particles in their environment, the more smells that could foul them

How SERVPRO Removes Odors

Our technicians effectively deal with persistent fire and smoke odors by:

  • Removing their sources and affected remnants
  • Cleaning malodorous residues off of surfaces
  • Removing smells by recreating the conditions that implanted them
  • Sealing surfaces hopelessly impacted by foul odors

So, if you ever need fire damage restoration work done, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Bellevue West at (425) 454-3900. We are here whenever you need us.

Wall Type Affects the Speed of Bellevue Flood Damage Cleanup

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

Water On Floor There is no job too big or small for your local SERVPRO of Bellevue West.

Flood Damage Remediation in Bellevue Is More Difficult in Homes with Cinder Blocks 

Flooding is a persistent problem in the notoriously rainy Northwest, and the Bellevue area is no exception. As a result, residents are sometimes faced with the difficulties of cleaning up flood damage. Unfortunately, the associated drying process can be significantly impacted by the building materials used to construct your home’s walls.

SERVPRO understands the particular troubles involved in effectively remediating flood damage in Bellevue homes with cinder block walls. Block walls can seriously complicate work such as biohazard remediation, basement flooding cleanup, water removal services, and water damage repairs. With that said, our highly-skilled technicians know the various issues that can slow the restoration process and can address them properly. Some of the particular situations they have encountered that hinder the drying process in cinder blocks are:

  • Old block walls that have absorbed considerable amounts of environmental moisture over the course of several years or even decades
  • Long-standing floodwaters that have had time to permeate the cells of cinder block structural elements thoroughly
  • Blocks covered in semi-gloss or gloss paint that has trapped flood-related moisture within walls and made standard drying techniques ineffective.
  • Fiberglass, foam, cellulosic, or vermiculite insulation-filled block walls are slow to remediate because internal dry air circulation is difficult to maintain at levels necessary to return their moisture readings to normal.
  • Walls will concrete bond beams that slow or otherwise alter airflow within block cavities. 

SERVPRO solves most of these particular problems simply by drilling holes in a mortar joint near the base of impacted walls, using non-penetrating moisture meters to determine when drying is complete, and later patching up the drilled holes. 

Considering all of this, remember to contact SERVPRO of Bellevue West at (425) 454-3900 when you need specialty flood damage assistance. We are always ready to answer your call.

Extracting Flood Damage in Clyde Hill Basements

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment in basement When flooding hits your area, you need to call the technicians at SERVPRO of Bellevue West.

Extraction and Cleaning of Flood Damage Are Pressing Needs in Clyde Hill

The basement of your Clyde Hill home can quickly suffer flood damage when intruding water passes through vulnerabilities in your home's structural design. The age of elements like masonry units of the foundation can allow the penetration of this floodwater. Several immediate steps can help overcome flood damage and mitigate loss for your home, especially for contents stored in this lower level.

Standing Water Threats 

The first thing property owners notice about flood damage and Clyde Hill homes is the standing water concerns. Water can heap up quickly at this lower level, reaching several inches or even feet in depth. We have multiple water removal units capable of managing the concerns of pooling floodwater, especially powerful units like truck-mount extractors that also collect debris.

Drying With Air Movers

Air movers are among the most powerful tools in our inventory to manage moisture and water concerns after disasters like flooding. These units' placement and frequency help overcome surface moisture damage by introducing dry, warm air against damp building materials to promote efficient evaporation.

Surface Cleaning

As with many flood damage events, extensive cleaning of non-porous materials like concrete flooring or masonry units is critical. While the flooring may not require demolition and removal, disinfection cleaning protects the property from growing microbes and harmful organisms posing potential health threats. Mechanical action mixed with our powerful cleaning products effectively eliminates surface microbial or bacterial threats. Ultimately, the cleaning process is a combination of three principles:

  • Temperature
  • Agitation
  • Chemical 

Regardless of how quickly flood damage can infiltrate and collect in the basement level of your home, our fast response can help protect both the contents stored in the lower level and the structural elements exposed. Give our SERVPRO of Bellevue West team a call today at (425) 454-3900.

Factors That Influence Surface Fire Restoration in Bellevue

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

Flames and Smoke The first step to resolving fire damage is calling your local trained professionals at SERVPRO of Bellevue West.

Fire Restoration and Cleaning of Bellevue Relies on Several Factors 

Many surfaces can be ruined by overexposure to smoke and soot damage. Professionals work fast to protect exposed elements with the most efficient cleaning solutions, including:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings

Type of Smoke Damage 

One of the main obstacles in fire restoration for Bellevue homes or businesses is the type of smoke damage incurred. It is often vital to determine what soils and residues exist on surfaces before getting restoration underway. Wet smoke damage is among the most challenging to remove. These thick soil deposits can ruin underlying substrates if not managed quickly with solvents and detergents. We have specific cleaning and restoration strategies for any of the main types of smoke damage your home might experience.


Another factor that will hinder the effectiveness of the cleaning process is the temperature of the building and the damaged areas. Chemical processes occur at a faster rate when heat is involved. Much like the fire, the hotter the blaze, the quicker it spread and the more destructive it became. Increasing the temperature in the restoration zones can help the chemical processes necessary to eliminate soot damage happen quickly.

Contact Time 

Introducing chemical cleaners into the restoration process is a typical step in recovering damage after fire losses. The longer these chemicals interact with the surface soil deposits, the more of the intended chemical reaction. In some cases, a short contact time is required to ensure the reaction does not ruin underlying substrates. In other instances, longer exposure times are necessary for thorough cleaning.


The current humidity can also influence restoration and cleaning with chemical products. Moisture content in the environment can play a significant part and how quickly chemical processes are complete and if additional restoration action like dehumidification is required alongside soot cleanup.

With how destructive fire damages can be, especially when soot and smoke residues are widespread in the home, it is vital to take steps towards the most efficient cleanup possible. Our SERVPRO of Bellevue West professionals are ready to help now at (425) 454-3900. 

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Restoration Services in Bellevue

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Leak Call your local professionals at SERVPRO of Bellevue West to ensure your home is dry and sanitary.

Need Water Damage Restoration and Drying Services in Bellevue – Call SERVPRO

Residents of Bellevue are amazed at how quickly a water leak can spread to adjacent rooms, soaking carpets, underpads, and even the subfloor. These materials are very porous, absorb water quickly, and must be dried promptly before secondary damage occurs. Discoloration, delamination, and mold can occur if the water and moisture remain in place longer than twenty-four hours.

SERVPRO provides water damage restoration and repair services in Bellevue and surrounding areas. Our team is well aware of how important it is to remove water and moisture before it permanently causes damage. We respond 24/7 and are onsite within four hours of your call.

SERVPRO utilizes weighted water extractors, dehumidifiers, and large-capacity air movers to remove the water and moisture from carpets and underpads. In some situations, the carpet and underpad must be removed to dry the subfloor and verify structural integrity properly. Once the subfloor is completely dry, we install a new underpad and reinstall the existing carpet in most cases.

The underpad is inexpensive and is usually damaged while being removed. We check the carpet for water stains and delamination (separating the carpet fibers from the backing). We also install new tackless strips. We also stretched and installed the existing carpet in the room. As part of the restoration process, delaminated and stained carpets caused by the water leak are replaced according to the guidelines provided by your insurance company.

In addition to the above, SERVPRO provides the following services to cover all of your water restoration needs:

  • Emergency service water damage cleanup
  • Water damage repairs
  • Ceiling repairs from water damage and water leaks
  • Mold inspection, remediation, and removal

Call SERVPRO of Bellevue West and nearby areas for water restoration assistance. We can help 24/7. Call (425) 454-3900.

The Benefits of Professional Services for Water Damage Restoration in Bellevue

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

a broken blue pipe that is leaking water When pipes at your business location break and leak, water damage often follows. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 - 365 days a year to investigate the cause.

SERVPRO Can Help your Bellevue Business Recover after a Water Intrusion Event

Water intrusion can be a nuisance for your business and damage the premises. One area commonly damaged in any size water intrusion is carpets, as these tend to be soaked by any leaking pipes, faucets, or appliances. Our team delivers expert mitigation and emergency services to help reduce the expenses of a water intrusion event. Once these vital tasks are complete, we can begin the restoration process, not least by restoring carpets, sofas, and chairs to their former glory. At SERVPRO, we have a dedicated Color Repair Technician (CRT) to help ensure that staining, dye bleeding, or watermarks are taken care of to a professional standard. We can help with:

  • Textile restoration
  • Removing watermarks
  • Restoring carpeting and fabrics

To become a practising CRT technician capable of performing commercial water damage restoration in Bellevue, you must first complete two certifications. These certifications include Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT) and Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT). Holding qualifications like these ensures that our restoration technicians have the requisite expertise. CRT technicians can make informed decisions about natural versus synthetic dyes, assess fiber types in any material, and address common problems like color loss of textiles from bleaching. Ultimately, a SERVPRO technician can help make quick decisions regarding each fabric that has received damage from water exposure and often restore them to a preloss condition.

  • Sometimes exposure to water can cause watermarks- where part of a textile becomes washed out compared with unaffected areas. 
  • We can color match your business's textiles and re-dye them to remove watermarks or fading materials. 
  • Our industry-leading training helps to reduce the likelihood of cleaning agents inadvertently causing further harm to textiles or their color. 

Let us restore your business to a preloss condition after water intrusion. Contact SERVPRO of Bellevue West for commercial water damage restoration at (425) 454-3900.

Abnormal Humidity Levels in a Clyde Hill Home Can Cause Mold Growth

3/11/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room by a window When the conditions are such that mold grows, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Team SERVPRO will assess, remediate and help your home.

Mold Remediation Is Vital for Clyde Hill Homes with Humidity or Moisture Problems

Mold grows from microscopic spores that exist in every indoor environment. Usually, mold spores are a relatively benign particulate that does not bother homeowners. However, if the home has a moisture or humidity problem, spores can settle on organic matter and develop from a spore to a full-size colony. Colonies are known to cause unpleasant, musty odors in your home and produce additional spores which can spread through rooms, crawlspaces, ductwork, and attic spaces. We believe that any noticeable symptom of mold growth justifies professional remediation. Our team is here to help you with:

  • Mold remediation
  • Mold decontamination
  • Humidity control

Drying a property is vital for mold remediation in your Clyde Hill home. Mold spores rely on water to build through their stages of growth. Removing moisture from the property, then, can help to remedy the core issue causing microbial growth. A natural relative humidity for your home is around 45%. Once humidity levels rise beyond these median averages, it can cause lots of problems in your home, not limited to just mold. All microbes thrive in humid conditions, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. SERVPRO technicians have extensive experience controlling the atmospheric conditions of your home, a process known as psychometry. We can help reduce mold colonies in your home through preventative measures and equipment. 

  • Thermal hygrometers are relatively cheap instruments that detect humidity levels in your home. We can also use manometers to register particulate matter such as spores.
  • Running dehumidification in your home can help stop spores from passing through the stages of growth, allowing us to focus on removing infested material.
  • Controlled demolition and replacement of infested materials can help to ensure that mold does not become a recurring issue for homeowners.

If you notice mold symptoms, contact SERVPRO of Bellevue West for mold remediation at (425) 454-3900.

A Fire in Your Bellevue Home Can Have Significant Consequences

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

firetrucks and fighters outside of a house trying to put out the fire with a fire hose Many times fire damage and water damage go hand in hand. Call SERVPRO after the fire fighters leave for fire cleanup services. Contact us 24/7.

SERVPRO Is an Established Fire Cleanup Service that Can Restore Your Home

Water staining can be a side-effect of firefighting procedures. The use of water to extinguish flames can have a lasting impact on soft furnishings, carpeting, or flooring. It is imperative to contact professional restoration agencies immediately after experiencing a house fire to avoid further losses to your home or contents. Moisture in your home can set soot or ash into materials. Large volumes of water to extinguish flames are equivalent to a water intrusion event in larger fires. There is a real risk of mold developing in a wet environment while cleaning wet ash can spread damage around. We are here to help residents with:

  • Fire debris removal
  • Stain and spot cleaning
  • Contents care 

It is normal for fire cleanup in Bellevue to incorporate drying or cleaning procedures. Sofas, mattresses, and carpets are soft-furnishings that can be adversely affected by fire and water. Our SERVPRO team aims to restore these furnishings rather than replace them, which often results in a less expensive service and the protection of valuable belongings. Chemical cleaning is the preferred method of our technicians when it comes to clearing away wet soot or smoke deposits. We often complete this process using a range of proprietary cleaning products. 

  • Brown Out (#257) is a peroxide stain remover designed to reverse the "browning effect" of moisture on soft-furnishings.
  • Combining Brown Out with a textile shampoo formula produces an alkaline mixture that can effectively remove stains or for spot cleaning.
  • Our technicians pre-test furnishings by applying small amounts onto discrete areas to prevent unexpected reactions such as dye bleeding from damaging the textile.

Reduce losses at your home. Contact SERVPRO of Bellevue West for expert fire cleanup at (425) 454-3900.

Simple Decisions Change Water Damage Mitigation Outcomes in Bellevue Homes

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Equipment drying floor Call SERVPRO of Bellevue West at (425) 454-3900 for assistance from a professional remediation company.

For Ultimate Convenience During Water Restoration in Bellevue, SERVPRO Can Help

Water can leak from different sources in your Bellevue home, including overflowing or faulty appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. On discovering the leak, taking immediate action helps mitigate any damages that result from moisture exposure. 

Although water damage mitigation in Bellevue homes counters the harmful effects of water exposure, results can vary greatly based on the actions taken. If you make errors or choose inappropriate actions, the intervention may not be as effective as you expect. SERVPRO can help you avoid mistakes, and poor choices since our decisions are based on technical skills and industry experience.

Some areas where errors and poor choices are common includes:

  • Choice of drying approach
  • Application of biocides
  • Timing of restoration processes 

Moisture Management Decisions Have a Big Impact

Moisture control is one of the top priorities when mitigating water damage. You can accomplish your drying objective in many ways, but it is best to choose an approach that matches the conditions at your property. Some crucial decisions to make include whether to dry materials like carpets in place or remove them for offsite drying. In-place drying requires appropriate resources like:

  • Weighted water extractors like water claws or rovers
  • Cavity drying equipment with positive to negative pressure
  • Special extractors such as drying mats 

Microbial growth is a common process in homes after a water intrusion, as signified by the mold that develops after some time. Controlling microbes takes both moisture management and the application of biocides. Since such products are readily available commercially, any problems mostly relate to the application processes since direct contact between the antimicrobial agent and the targeted microbes is necessary. For example, after extracting water from carpeted surfaces, our SERVPRO technicians apply disinfectants on the back of the carpet and floor surface.

SERVPRO of Bellevue West eases water damage mitigation, ensuring your home is dry and sanitary. Call us at (425) 454-3900. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Are the Advantages of Thorough Fire and Smoke Cleanup for Clyde Hill Premises?

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke and Fire Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Bellevue West to help with fire restoration to your property.

SERVPRO Uses State-Of-The-Art Equipment in Clyde Hill Properties Improving Restoration 

There is no question regarding the need to clean your premises after a fire. What might not be clear is how much effort you have to dedicate to the cleanup processes that you perform at your Clyde Hill premises. Being thorough enhances the benefits of cleaning as a fire restoration approach. However, sufficient effort and resources are necessary to guarantee thoroughness.

Your desire to perform thorough fire smoke cleanup at your Clyde Hill facility might not always be realized unless a professional handles the procedure. Such assistance avails sophisticated equipment, better technical skills, and in many cases, better cleaning products. SERVPRO has a strong sense of duty and thus takes every possible step to guarantee better outcomes.

Benefits that accrue from thorough smoke cleanup include:

  • Better Indoor air quality
  • Limited follow-up maintenance
  • Lower replacement costs

Cleaning is more than just a way to remove soils from materials and contents. It can play a protective role against the physical deterioration triggered by soot and other corrosive smoke residues, which necessitate follow-up maintenance. Deterioration from such exposure takes time before damaging various items like doorknobs, hinges, and other metal accessories. When our SERVPRO technicians use vacuum cleaners, we can lift off all soot residues preventing such deterioration.

Replacing damaged materials after a fire may be necessary, but it is the most expensive solution. Apart from the materials consumed by flames, replacements are essential for stained or discolored materials. Thorough cleaning, especially through specialized techniques, can help eliminate the need for replacements prompted by heavy soiling.

Specialized fire cleaning techniques include:

  • Soda blasting
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Use of specially formulated reagents

SERVPRO of Bellevue West has significant experience handling fire and smoke cleanup eliminating the effects of fire “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (425) 454-3900.