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Fire Damage to Bathroom in Bellevue, WA

Bathrooms can be a common location with a home to experience for damage. Common sources include bathroom exhaust fans, heated hair tools and faulty electrical ... READ MORE

Fire Content Cleaning

SERVPRO of Bellevue West offers content cleaning for all items affected by soot or smoke damage. As shown here a fire in the oven of this Bellevue home affected... READ MORE

Ice Dam During Storm Causes Water Damage

Ice dams on roofs form when accumulated snow forms an insulating layer under cold conditions that would cause the freezing point to be within the snow layer, if... READ MORE

Bio-Hazard Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Bellevue West has technicians that are certified to clean and dispose of bio-hazardous waste. This would be considered feces, vomit, blood and other ... READ MORE

Deodorization of Pet Urine and Feces

Untrained pets can cause hefty damage to carpet and even sub-floors from strong smelling urine and feces. This can be off putting to the smell and sights of a h... READ MORE

Pipe Burst During Storm Causes Water Damage

A burst water pipe may inflict tremendous damage. In addition to destroying the piping, it can ruin ceilings, insulation and drywall. Even mold problems could d... READ MORE

Tree On Roof Causes Rainwater Saturation in Ceiling

SERVPRO of Bellevue West came to the rescue when a tree unexpectedly fell on this homeowner's roof and caused rainwater to saturate the ceiling. As heavy rainwa... READ MORE

Stove-Top Fire in Bellevue Creates Soot and Smoke Damage

In this unfortunate situation food was left unattended on the stove and started a fire throughout the Bellevue home which left soot residue in almost every room... READ MORE

Flush-able Wipes Clog Sewer System

Have you seen many of the local news outlets and city memos about flush-able wipes? It turns out they are not as flush-able as some people think. This has espec... READ MORE

Floor Mat Drying Saves Hardwoods

In this unfortunate event a Bellevue residence was flooded after a pipe in a vanity underneath the sink failed and spread water throughout the whole main level ... READ MORE