Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Puffback in a Bellevue Fabricating Plant

The onsite furnace in this Bellevue facility was not adequately maintained, and a significant puff back occurred. The equipment and all surfaces were coated wit... READ MORE

Cleaning of Hazardous Waste

In unfortunate circumstances commercial buildings and public outdoor areas oftentimes become overrun with garbage, waste and even hazardous material such as dru... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in Mukilteo

This large warehouse facility was affected by soot and smoke damage due to a machine that malfunctioned and caught fire overnight. Fire damage can be devastatin... READ MORE

Commercial Building Flood in Bothell

A pipe had broken in the corner of this commercial property which in turn flooded the room. The maintenance crew was quick to get the water turned off but comme... READ MORE

Hotel Fire Damage in Bellevue

During a construction upgrade in the bathroom of this local hotel sparks from welding caught fire and soon escalated to a large problem. We responded quickly an... READ MORE