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Content Restoration Methods

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bellevue West is committed to keeping costs as low as possible. We can do this by having the most advanced methods and fast response times for our customers. Effective cleaning methods and getting to the job early are 2 factors that can keep costs WAY down especially while dealing with contents.

While experiencing a loss many clients have questions about how to handle the cleaning and storage of their possessions. Instead of making snap judgments about replacing an item SERVPRO of Bellevue West will closely examine items to deem if they are salvageable; if it can be restored there is no use in replacing it. Restoring an item can save the customer money especially when it comes to big items such as couches, rugs and other valuables. SERVPRO of Bellevue West has serval different methods to make sure we preserve and clean our customers possessions in the most effective way possible.

Below we have listed our different content restoration methods and a brief explanation of each;

  1. Dry Cleaning: Mostly used to remove light residue. Also used prior to Wet-Cleaning
  2. Wet Cleaning: Effective when used to remove moderate to heavy residues
  3. Spray and Wipe: Used for sensitive or fragile items that cannot withstand wet cleaning
  4. Foam Cleaning: Used for upholstery fabrics that might shrink or bleed when wet cleaned
  5. Abrasive Cleaning: Involves agitation of the surface being cleaned
  6. Immersion Cleaning: Contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product  

Between these 6 different methods we are bound to have a strategy that will work for your unique cleaning needs. SERVPRO of Bellevue West is committed to making sure we save as much money as possible for our clients. If you have questions about content cleaning or would like to tour our content cleaning warehouse please give us a call at 425-454-3900!

SERVPRO’ s 7 Step Fire Restoration Process

8/16/2019 (Permalink)

All fire damage is different depending on the unique situation. The type of fire, the areas affected and the severity all require calculated solutions. Despite all these factors, our proven process stays the same. Below is a step by step list of the actions and precautions we take;

 Step 1: Emergency Contact

The restoration process begins when you call us. Our representative will ask questions regarding the fire damage event that will help us respond immediately with the appropriate equipment and resources.   

 Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

We carefully inspect and test adjoining rooms of your property to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. This step is crucial to developing a plan of action. 

 Step 3: Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Services

Fire damage can often compromise windows, walls, and roofs. To maintain security and to protect against further damage, we can board up missing windows and walls and place tarps on damaged roofs. 

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)

The water removal process begins almost immediately and removes the majority of the water. We then use dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the remaining water and complete the drying process.

Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

Step 6: Cleaning, Sanitizing and Deodorization

We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all of the restorable items and structures that were damaged by the fire. We use a variety of cleaning techniques to restore your belongings to pre-fire condition. We’re also trained to remove odors using industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

 Step 7: Restoration

Restoration is the final step—getting your home or business to its pre-fire condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet; or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

SERVPRO of Bellevue West is committed to helping our customers during stressful and difficult times. If you have experienced a fire damage in your home or business please call the professionals at 425-454-3900.

Happy Fourth Of July From SERVPRO of Bellevue West

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

On July 4th, 1776 a great country was founded; The United States of America! Every year we celebrate by wearing red, white and blue, barbequing and shooting fireworks high into the night sky. While this is a long-lasting tradition, it does not mean this is safe and shouldn’t be done without taking caution. According to the National Fire Protection Association fireworks cause roughly 18,500 fires per year in the US alone. Due to this risk, King and Snohomish counties have banned fireworks in some areas during the 4th of July and you can be fined up to 5,000 dollars. Dry conditions and firework do not mix well, and we never recommend shooting fireworks in illegal areas and drylands. If you are in a safe and legal place and plan to partake in fireworks, here are some tips that will keep your family and homes safe. 

  • Always follow the directions written on the firework, never relight a dud or make/operate any custom fireworks
  • Make sure that the area you are shooting fireworks and the area where they land does not have any fine grass, dead/dry branches and all debris
  • IF you are near your house make sure you have insurance that covers any firework accidents
  • Clean your gutters of anything that could catch fire. Even though gutters are made for water, during droughts they can become kindling
  • If you are leaving town during the 4th, make sure you have a neighbor keeping a close eye on your home
  • Have a water bucket near so you can put out any dud fireworks or fires you might encounter.

These few simple tips can help your family and home stay safe on this most patriotic of holidays.

From all of us at SERVPRO of Bellevue West, Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

What To Do After a Fire

2/5/2018 (Permalink)

House fires can be terrifying experiences, and recovering from them can take a long time. Depending on the size and scope of the fire, fire restoration in Bellevue, Washington, can take several weeks, even a few months, to fully complete. Following these steps can help you recover successfully from this difficult experience:

1. Assess family member safety.
2. Contact insurance agency.
3. Contact board up services.

Check Everyone’s Safety

If you have a fire safety plan, all family members probably followed it to safely exit the house; everyone then should have met at a pre-determined location. After exiting the house, begin by assessing the safety of each family member and pet. Pursue medical care promptly for all concerns.

Contact Insurance Company

Fire restoration should be started as soon as possible, and your fire insurance coverage can help address these and other concerns. Once your family’s immediate care needs have been seen to, you can begin contacting your insurance company. It probably needs lots of information, some of which you may not have at this time. Simply beginning the conversation can be important since your insurance company can provide you with some helpful support following a City, State, house fire.

Arrange for Board Up Services

Your insurance company can probably help you contact board up services and disaster management companies. These service providers may help secure the scene so that no one can enter the property while it is still unsafe. Often, insurance agents must inspect the scene to help assess the degree of damage; this board up service helps agents do their jobs effectively. Your insurance agent may be a point person that you can contact for questions regarding any stage of fire restoration.

Cleaning is likely going to take a bit of time, depending on the degree of the fire and to what extent it damaged your home. Arranging for smoke cleaning can help you get back to your normal routine that much faster.

For more information visit us at for more fire tips. 

Restoring a Fire-Damaged Property the Right Way

11/5/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring a Fire-Damaged Property the Right Way

In the United States alone, fire damage is responsible for more than $350 billion in annual costs per year. This makes fire damage, by far, the leading cause of damage to real property in the country. The bad news is that such staggering numbers, with fire damage being more than 2 percent of GDP, means that, at some point, fire damage will affect almost everyone who owns real estate.

The good news is that, with the right interventions, fire damage restoration does not have to spell financial doom and total loss of the property.

Your local restoration company is staffed by trained professionals with years of experience and sophisticated, specialized equipment. They are experts in carrying out fire damage restorations and can help ensure that your property is restored to its full prior condition.

But the most important thing a property owner who has experienced a fire in their home or fire in their business can do is to call in their local restoration company as soon as practicable.

Once the fire department leaves, call in the pros, first thing

Like all remediation efforts, the sooner the fire damage restoration process can get started, the better. Once the fire department has signed off, stating that the fire has been fully extinguished, the first thing any property owner who has experienced a fire in their home or fire in their business should do is call in their local restoration company at once.

The restoration company will immediately send out a fire cleanup team to assess the damage and begin the preliminary steps in the fire cleanup process. It cannot be over stressed that the sooner this fire damage restoration process can begin, the more likely it will be that the property can be completely restored at a minimum of cost.

The board up and damage survey

Any time fire has struck, the most immediate concern is to get undergo a full board up of the property. The board up serves to keep weather, especially rain water, out of the property. Without a quick and competent board up, water or snow can quickly begin entering the property. As bad as smoke damage, smoke smells and soot damage are, extensive water damage can render a property completely uninhabitable within a week. For this reason, it is imperative that a professional board up be undertaken.

Once the property has been secured from outside elements, a survey of the extent of the fire in the home or fire in the business will be undertaken. The survey team will note the extent of direct structural damage and estimate how much of the property has experienced soot damage, smoke damage and permeated smoke smells. Although the latter often account for the majority of fire damage, they also are the easiest to completely clean.

Removal of soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smells

The first order of business for the fire cleanup team will be the replacement of damaged structural components. Although this is the most expensive work the fire cleanup team will perform, well-contained fires often produce surprisingly little direct and severe structural damage. This factor will largely depend on how quickly and effectively the fire in the home or fire in the business was contained.

The next step will be the removal of soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell. The team will strip away all surface permeated by soot damage and smoke damage using sodium bicarbonate blasting. They will then encapsulate the underlying materials with special air-tight sealant, preventing the smoke smell from escaping, thereby eliminating it from the ambient air of the home.

Commercial fire damage

Commercial fire damage can take on even more complex dimensions. Situations involving commercial fire damage often involve inventories that have been or are at risk of being ruined. In a commercial fire damage situation, it is even more crucial to call in a team of trained professionals.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Importance of Fire damage Restoration

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

The Importance of Fire damage Restoration

Fire ranks as one of the most dangerous events that a home or business owner can face. In a matter of seconds, flames can sweep the entire building leaving an empty shell behind. While the first course of action is to get people to safety, the effects of fire damage become apparent after the fire. Fire damage brings with it other forms of damage such as smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage. These elements can be as destructive as the flames.

When faced with a fire in the home or fire in the business, fire damage restoration is important. It is wrong to assume that the insurance company will pay for everything. In most cases, homeowners find themselves in legal battles with insurance companies when their claims are denied. To appreciate the importance of hiring a commercial fire damage company, home and business owners need to understand the effects of fire.

Smoke damage is inevitable after a fire in the home or fire in the business. Smoke can cause damage to the furnishings and other possessions. Items such as clothing, window treatments, upholstery, wall hangings and carpeting can suffer smoke damage. Smoke can be oily and sticky, and this makes it hard to remove. This is why affected persons should work with a restoration company. A thorough fire cleanup can restore a home or business to its previous condition.

Smoke also comes with a smoke smell that is pungent and unpleasant. The smoke smell can also linger in the rooms and clothing if proper fire cleanup is not done. A commercial fire damage company will install a board up. The board up is to prevent further exposure to the fire damage. A proper board up will also limit access to the affected areas.

Fire damage restoration must take care of the smoke damage. It is ill advised to ignore it or simply mask it. A professional restoration company will have ozone generators to help break down the molecules that cause the smoke smell. This is why it is important to let fire cleanup experts handle the task after a fire in the home or a fire in business. They have the experience and tools to carry out a systematic fire damage restoration.

Soot damage is another important part of the restoration process. Soot is the flaky black substance that is left after an incomplete combustion. Soot damage can affect the ceilings, walls and even the contents of the building. Soot can be dry or oily. Depending on the type of soot damage, there are cleaning agents that are used by commercial fire damage companies. A restoration company will conduct a test to ascertain the type of soot damage.

Another issue about fire damage is the subsequent water damage. While water is crucial in putting out the fire, it also exposes a home or business to water damage. Fire cleanup services from a restoration company will also include water damage removal. If the water damage is not addressed, it can create a breeding ground for mold and other fungi.

Water damage can also destroy furniture, fabric, and paper. A restoration company will use dehumidifiers and other water extraction tools to dry the home. They will also board up the area to prevent further damage. The commercial fire damage company will also assess the damage and advice the home or business owners on the items that can be salvaged. Immediate drying services can restore some items to their original condition. The ability to save the items depends on how fast one engages the services of a commercial fire damage company.

While fire can have devastating consequences, immediate fire damage restoration can reduce the extensive losses that come after a fire in the home or fire in the business. Their expertise and experience can save the situation and ensure that home and business owners return to their daily activities in a short period of time. Visit for more information on fire.