Storm Damage Photo Gallery

painted cinderblock wall, carpet on floor

Medina Flood Damage Prevention

After SERVPRO removed the groundwater from a flood in this Medina finished basement we sprayed an antimicrobial product to sanitize and to help prevent future mold infestations. Once the hollow-celled cinderblocks were dried and tested with a moisture meter, we painted the surface, as shown in the Photo, with a drylock paint to keep moisture out.

removed section of wall showing insulation and framing

Flood Damage in Bellevue

The contaminated floodwater flowed into the lower level of this Bellevue home. SERVPRO arrived within hours of the call for help, and we removed the remaining standing water. The tiled floor was salvaged, but we performed a controlled demolition on the lower drywall section as depicted in the Photo. Black Water residue can be harmful; our trained crew can safely remove the non-salvageable materials before completing the drying and then the build back.

Storm Winds and Heavy Snow Creates Water Damage Issues

Strong winds and heavy snow resting and freezing on tree branches caused hundreds of trees to fall throughout King and Snohomish counties. Many homes were hit by trees causing roof leaks and water intrusion to their structures.

Improper Ventilation and Leaking Roof lead to Microbial Issue

This residence experienced a roof leak during heavy rain which came down through the attic. Poor ventilation added to the problem and compounded into a microbial issue which made the residence uninhabitable. Our team was quick to respond and mitigate the issue to eliminate any health risks. 

Storm Waters Flood Basement

This Mountlake Terrace basement flooded due to a severe rainstorm that caused excessive groundwater. Groundwater can carry unknown contaminants that can travel with the rain water that passes through the soil and pickup potential pesticides which become deposited in the home. We worked quickly to extract the standing water, decontaminate and begin drying the structure and contents.

Residential Storm Damage

This Bellevue home was damaged during a storm and required an emergency board-up and cleaning for the floor to ceiling windows that had broken in the living room. We securely packed and moved contents of the home so that the owners could move out while repairs were made.