Commercial Photo Gallery

green equipment drying carpet and walls, the table showing

Bellevue Water Damaged Class Setting

The classroom in this commercial real estate office in Bellevue suffered a split in a water line. Upon discovery, SERVPRO promptly arrived with a box truck loaded with water extractors and drying equipment. After removing the vinyl baseboard to circulate air into the wall voids, are axial fans, small air movers, and a dehumidifier completed the service the same day. We slaved the carpet, much to the delight of our client.

water reflecting light from leak on carpet

Clyde Hill Water Leak

The puddle reflecting the ceiling light in this small Clyde Hill office was a small part of a larger problem. Several of the offices, with glued-down carpet tiles, required removal because they separated from the concrete subfloor. SERVPRO team of several techs vacuumed up most of the pooling water and then began the drying process upon removing the non-salvageable flooring material.

Bio-hazard Cleaning Services

Our team is professionally certified in bio-hazard cleaning. We have the skills and expertise to handle even the worst job sites to safely dispose of bodily fluid clean-up, strong odors and other hazardous materials. 

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial building suffered a large water loss due to a broken pipe during construction. Our team arrive onsite just 30 minutes after the first phone call and began extraction services immediately.

Commercial Large Loss Equipment

The commercial desiccant can move 5000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The sole purpose is to remove excess humidity from the commercial property and replace it with hot dry air. Altogether the drying process is much quicker on a large property.

Welcome to Our Office

We are located at 19327 21st Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036. Our team is available for commercial and residential emergency response 24/7 365 days a year, we make disasters "Like it never even happened."