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How to Handle Commercial Fire Damage Professionally

11/5/2017 (Permalink)

How to Handle Commercial Fire Damage Professionally

If you have recently suffered commercial fire damage, it is important that you get fire restoration done by a company that has been doing it for quite some time. This company can handle fire damage, smoke damage and even soot damage that has been left behind from a utility room fire or electrical fire. After the firefighters have left with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you need to get fire restoration done by professionals who deal with commercial fire damage.

The soot damage that has been left behind from a utility room fire or electrical fire is best left to the professionals. Unfortunately, firefighters with their fire trucks and fire hoses will not be able to handle the damage that has been left behind after they have left. This is why it is important for you to contact a local company so that they can come out and assess the damage and give you a quote for how much it is going to cost to restore your office back to preloss conditions. This is an option best left to The Experts, since many people do not have the tools or skills necessary in order to do fire damage cleanup on their own. If you have some type of insurance on your property, you may even find that you save money simply because of the fact that they cover the cost of the cleanup for you.

There are many different options available to you when it comes to getting the most from your fire cleanup options. Because there are lots of companies out there that do this type of work, it is important for you to contact them to get a quote for having the job done. Once you have the job done, you are able to get back into the office and work with clients and employees on a regular basis. This ensures that nothing with your business goes on the back burner simply because you have recently dealt with a fire and do not know how to clean it up properly. There are many different professionals out there who are going to be more than willing to help you with the fire clean up, so make sure that you contact them to find out what they are able to do for you and how much they charge for their services before you make the decision to hire them to get the project done. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

Restoring a Fire-Damaged Property the Right Way

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Restoring a Fire-Damaged Property the Right Way

In the United States alone, fire damage is responsible for more than $350 billion in annual costs per year. This makes fire damage, by far, the leading cause of damage to real property in the country. The bad news is that such staggering numbers, with fire damage being more than 2 percent of GDP, means that, at some point, fire damage will affect almost everyone who owns real estate.

The good news is that, with the right interventions, fire damage restoration does not have to spell financial doom and total loss of the property.

Your local restoration company is staffed by trained professionals with years of experience and sophisticated, specialized equipment. They are experts in carrying out fire damage restorations and can help ensure that your property is restored to its full prior condition.

But the most important thing a property owner who has experienced a fire in their home or fire in their business can do is to call in their local restoration company as soon as practicable.

Once the fire department leaves, call in the pros, first thing

Like all remediation efforts, the sooner the fire damage restoration process can get started, the better. Once the fire department has signed off, stating that the fire has been fully extinguished, the first thing any property owner who has experienced a fire in their home or fire in their business should do is call in their local restoration company at once.

The restoration company will immediately send out a fire cleanup team to assess the damage and begin the preliminary steps in the fire cleanup process. It cannot be over stressed that the sooner this fire damage restoration process can begin, the more likely it will be that the property can be completely restored at a minimum of cost.

The board up and damage survey

Any time fire has struck, the most immediate concern is to get undergo a full board up of the property. The board up serves to keep weather, especially rain water, out of the property. Without a quick and competent board up, water or snow can quickly begin entering the property. As bad as smoke damage, smoke smells and soot damage are, extensive water damage can render a property completely uninhabitable within a week. For this reason, it is imperative that a professional board up be undertaken.

Once the property has been secured from outside elements, a survey of the extent of the fire in the home or fire in the business will be undertaken. The survey team will note the extent of direct structural damage and estimate how much of the property has experienced soot damage, smoke damage and permeated smoke smells. Although the latter often account for the majority of fire damage, they also are the easiest to completely clean.

Removal of soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smells

The first order of business for the fire cleanup team will be the replacement of damaged structural components. Although this is the most expensive work the fire cleanup team will perform, well-contained fires often produce surprisingly little direct and severe structural damage. This factor will largely depend on how quickly and effectively the fire in the home or fire in the business was contained.

The next step will be the removal of soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell. The team will strip away all surface permeated by soot damage and smoke damage using sodium bicarbonate blasting. They will then encapsulate the underlying materials with special air-tight sealant, preventing the smoke smell from escaping, thereby eliminating it from the ambient air of the home.

Commercial fire damage

Commercial fire damage can take on even more complex dimensions. Situations involving commercial fire damage often involve inventories that have been or are at risk of being ruined. In a commercial fire damage situation, it is even more crucial to call in a team of trained professionals.
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Professional Storm Damage Restoration

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Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Most people live for decades without ever thinking of storm damage restoration. Others mull over it every two, three years. A house might suffer storm damage for years without anyone's notice. In some other extreme cases, the storm damage is devastatingly visible. In case of a storm, a wise first step would be to avoid any live wires and any pools of water. Flooded and damaged houses should be vacated. Storm damage should later be assessed and records and photos of the house made.

Wind damage makes up for a lot of devastation both in cost and frequency. Roofs, doors, and windows must be checked for cracks and holes. Care should be taken to avoid cuts from glass shards. Wind damage is easily noticeable sometimes. Winds of 50 mph easily topple power lines and trees. It can be very severe when a tree falls on a roof: roof repair is needed almost immediately. Sometimes it just causes chipping and cracking of tiles and slate in roofs, quite manageable roof damage. Contractors have to be hired in cases of severe damage. For roof repair, licensed roofers may be needed for roof damage if it goes beyond roof leaks into structural damage.

Pieces of slate, tile, and metal around the chimney as well as leaking roofs and dents on gutters are also signs of wind damage.

Hurricanes have some of the most devastating effects on houses. Hurricane damage usually includes flooding, wind damage, and hailstorms. Most homeowners have insurance against most of these disasters associated with hurricane damage. Insurance agents check the extent and type hurricane damage after being informed, sometimes on the very next day. The hurricane damage repairs can then be done accordingly.

Damage also comes in the form of floods, especially for people who live close to rivers. River flooding causes a lot of home damage. During river flooding, contact with flood waters should be avoided during storms. Every time river flooding occurs the floodwater mixes with ground water to create a nightmare for homeowners around it. With river flooding, the ground water and river flood water may raise several inches above the ground sometimes. After securing his health, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the homeowner should check for visible structural damage in the house such as warping and loosed foundation elements. He then should contact his insurance company. Most home insurance plans, however, do not offer flood insurance. Homeowners in hurricane-prone zones also ought to get flood insurance. This is because hurricane damage also includes flooding.

Flood insurance is valid only after 30 days and must be purchased before a storm. A go-ahead from the insurance agent should help facilitate the pumping of flood water from your home. Flood pumps are most commonly employed to remove the floodwater. Property salvaged should also be secured.

Aftermaths of a storm may include thinking about home restoration. Everything in the house would then need to be restored, including flooring, cabinets, wall finishes and plumbing and electrical systems. Home is done after consulting one's insurer since it can be very costly. This is because it might involve house remediation and water restoration.

Water restoration is done in the house after it gets flooded. The longer the building is exposed to water the more damaged it gets. Toilet overflow and sewerage backups coupled with ground water and flood water are also quite a nuisance with the odor and filth. Competent home restoration professionals should be contacted. The source of trouble should be identified by the storm restoration professionals to stop the flooding, whether roof leak or crack. They then rid the house of the excessive water using flood pumps and clean the place up. In some cases, the floor might be affected by the water, and the storm restoration experts ought to sanitize the area to avoid molding. This is renown of storm remediation.

House remediation always should come after water restoration. This is because house remediation cannot happen unless all sources of extra moisture in the house such as roof leaks are addressed. Otherwise, the mold might recur, leaving home musty and the homeowner uncomfortable. The image can also be quite a huge health issue. Most storm restoration companies offer both water restoration and house remediation services too. Some house remediation companies also offer a warranty as long as humidity does not rise. Storm restoration professionals advise homeowners to keep the attic and basement dry and ventilated.

Blinding snowstorms and freezing temperatures can also cause extensive damage to a house in myriad ways. Homeowners in areas in which temperatures prone to fall to zero and beyond are supposed to consider the weather issues and take necessary measures as responsibility dictates. Storm and ice may damage the roof with the combined weight by collapsing it. With ice damage, ice accumulating on tree branches break them on roofs and vehicles.

Frozen pipes storm remediation.
Pipes cracking because of ice damage is also a standard issue. Frozen pipes may also cause water to back up and seep into the house walls and flooring, causing structural damage. The flooding caused by cracked frozen pipes plus ground water might require the services of a home restoration expert. Melting of snow and ice is a must after snowing. Flood pumps can be used to deal with flood water in the basements of such buildings. Experts recommend the use of strong and durable pipes which can withstand frozen pipes pressure. At times, pipes with bigger radius help solve the issue of frozen pipes.

Ice dam or ice damming storm remediation.
Ice damming can also contribute to the damage of a house, especially a roof damage. Ice dam prevents snow from draining off the roof leak. They are formed when a ridge of ice acts as a barrier on the roof's edge. This is ice damming. Signs of ice dam include damaged walls and leaking ceilings. Thick snow accumulations cause ice dam scenario. Gutter systems are damaged every year by the ice dam or ice damming, and the ice damage can sometimes take a week to repair. Roof repair and gutter replacement can be costly.

Hailstorms can take place anywhere and can be either be light and sporadic or devastatingly damaging. Hails the size of golf balls cause considerable roof damage. Insurance is offered to alleviate the burden of hail damage. Small hailstorms can also cause both roof and window damage hail damage. Patio furniture, air conditioners, and doors should also be inspected for cracks, dents or breaks since hail damage can be subtle. Regardless of damage levels, the homeowner should report immediately to his or her insurance company for roof repairs, among others, and possibly involving an expert in storm remediation. or home restoration. Hail damage might also leave behind standing water that may require the use of a flood pump too.
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Steps in the Water Damage Restoration Process

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Steps in the Water Damage Restoration Process

Water damage can occur for dozens of reasons, including a pipe break, a sink that overflows, a supply line break, a flood or a large amount of rainfall. When water in a home or water in a business appears, it's time to take steps to prevent the spread and worsening of that water damage. Some property owners may wonder why they should call a restoration company instead of doing the work in-house. The simple answer is that these mitigation professionals will take all the steps necessary to repair any visible and not visible water damage and flood damage.

Assessing the Damage

The first step in the water cleanup process is a full assessment. Assessment involves looking at all the water in a home and finding out where that water comes from. In the case of a flooded home caused by a supply line break or pipe break, they can repair the pipe or hire a subcontractor to repair the pipe to keep it from leaking. Restoration experts will also shut off the pipe to prevent any more water from spilling out.

Extracting the Water

Extracting the water in a business is the next step. One of the best ways to get rid of that water is a pump. Though some homes may have a pump because the owners worry about flood damage, many people do not bother investing in a pump because they rarely see a flooded home in their area. A pump works well when placed directly on the floor in the basement or on the first floor. It pumps all the water out of the home or business and creates a dryer space.

Drying Techniques

Mitigation and restoration offer drying techniques during the water cleanup process. Proper drying removes any water from the space and creates an environment that repels the mold that might otherwise grow. Water in a home can impact any carpeting as well as the padding beneath the carpet. With water in a business, the owner needs to worry about the water causing tile and other types of flooring to peel off the ground. Drying methods remove every trace of water.

Mitigation Steps

A restoration company will also provide the property owners with mitigation help, which essentially refers to the process of offering help that keeps the water damage or flood damage from seriously impacting the property. Some people wait so long to make a call that restoration professionals have less options available to them. Instead of using techniques and products to dry out the water in a home, they need to remove and replace the flooring. Those who call sooner after experiencing a flooded home have a greater chance of saving that home and spending less on the cost of repairs.

Insurance Claims

One of the most important things that a restoration company can do is provide owners with help filing water cleanup insurance claims. After a pipe break or a supply line break, that owner needs to call and find out whether their insurance will cover the water cleanup. The company may only agree to pay a certain amount or require that the owner go through a specific company. If an owner calls after seeing water in a business and already knows what water damage company to use, the process of filing a claim becomes much easier.

Other services that a trustworthy company can provide in regards to flood damage include looking for problems that can worsen and making repairs that the owners may not even notice. The top mitigation companies respond to calls in just 24 hours or less and can come right to the scene of a flooded home. A restoration company can offer support after a pipe break or supply line break that causes puddles and standing water in a business to grow. Visit for more information on water damage.

Steps in Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Steps in Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Fire emergencies are one of the most common disasters that business owners have to prepare for in advance. Fire damage may be because of negligence, electrical fire, or accidental fire within your facility. Regardless of the cause of fire, soot damage, fire damage, and smoke damage are inevitable and one can only minimize their extent. The best way to deal with commercial fire accidents is putting in place mechanisms that prevent fire accidents. Such mechanisms include having a firefighter on standby and installing fire suppression mechanism like fire sprinkler mechanisms, a fire truck, and a fire hose that are well maintained. Every commercial building should have a utility room fire that stores all firefighter’s tools like fire suppression materials, fire sprinkler system, fire hose, and a fire truck should be easily available.

Below are general steps that are involved in fire restoration in case of commercial fire damage:
i. Emergency contact
After a commercial fire accident, the first step you should take is to contact a fire restoration company. The company’s agent will seek to know about the extent of the fire damage to know the number of fire trucks and firefighters to dispatch to your premise. The fire restoration agent may also seek clarification on any fire suppression and fire sprinkler system in place. You should ensure that electricity and water supply are cut to avoid electrical fire and water damage.

ii. Inspection and Assessment
Once you have informed your fire restoration company of the commercial fire damage, they will send their agents to carry out inspection and assessment. Inspection and assessment should focus on soot damage, smoke damage, and determine the extent of the damages. Fire damage inspection is necessary as it helps with the development of an action plan for fire restoration after a fire accident.

iii. Documentation of the damages caused by the fire
It is important to record videos and take pictures of your damaged premises, as this will help you in filling claim forms for compensation from your insurer. You should do damage documentation as soon as you are able to access the premises safely.

iv. Immediate board-up and roof tarp service
The restoration company personnel will then carry out board-up and roof tarp services because fire damages might compromise your walls, windows, and doors. This will ensure that you guarantee security of your personal belongings.

v. Water removal and drying
Firefighters often use water for fire suppression through the fire sprinkler system or fire trucks. A fire sprinkler system needs a long fire hose to be efficient when dealing with utility room fire or electrical fire. Water use by a firefighter can lead to further damage hence the need for water removal and drying.

vi. Handling smoke damage and soot damage on all surfaces
The unavoidable damages that accompany a fire are soot damage and smoke damage. There are specialized equipment and techniques that professionals use to remove soot and smoke traces from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

vii. Cleaning and Sanitizing
This stage involves restoring the state of belongings to the condition they were before the commercial fire damage. Deodorization will help in getting rid of odors while scrubbers and fogging equipment helps in addressing the soot and smoke traces. Sanitization is also a commercial disinfection process.

viii. Restorations
This is the last step in commercial fire damage restoration. It involves carrying out replacements of the burnt furniture and fittings. It might also involve minor repairs on certain aspects of the damaged premise, repainting, and replacing carpets. Use a profession to avoid any incidences of electrical fire or a utility room fire due to faulty wiring.

Utility room fire is a common form of commercial fire damage, and you should take every precaution to ensure minimum losses in case of a fire outbreak. Installation of a fire hose within your premise will ensure rapid response to fire emergencies and minimal loss due to fire damages. An effective fire restoration process is efficient and quick.
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Tips on How to Deal With Storm Damage

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Tips on How to Deal With Storm Damage

Sometimes, Mother Nature is in a bad mood, and when that happens, the aftermath is an awful lot of storm damage to homes and property. Severe storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes can cause massive losses in the areas that they affect causing home flooding, river flooding, roof damage, hail damage, roof leak, flood water, and ground water. Just look at the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas or Irma in the Caribbean islands such as Barbuda, very sad indeed. Dealing with water or wind damage in the event of a tornado or a hurricane is both dangerous and difficult. You need a professional water restoration or home restoration company to do the storm remediation.

Damages resulting from a storm can be in many forms depending on the nature and magnitude of the storm. There could be flood water from river flooding — if you live in a place located close to a river — or from the ground water. There could be ice damage, hail damage, wind damage, frozen pipes, ice damming, et cetera. The best thing to do is always to be prepared to deal with such through storm restoration and storm remediation. This is particularly important for people who live in storm prone areas. But how exactly does one do that? Here a few tips on how to deal with storm damage after a hurricane damage or river flooding.

Stay Safe from Storm Damage

In the event of a storm, most of the losses occur from wind damage, i.e., falling trees, blown off roofs, etc. and flood water, river flooding, ground water, and home flooding. While it's not possible to prevent high-speed winds from knocking down trees, there's a lot that can be done to prevent flood water from finding its way into the house. Homeowners should ensure that any roof leak is mitigated through roof repair to prevent roof damage and flooding within the house. Hail damage can also result in massive property destruction like shattered windscreens and frozen pipes. Only a qualified water restoration and home restoration company can effectively mitigate hail damage and hurricane damage with their specialized equipment like flood pump.

If there is a roof leak, make sure that it is sealed before the storm hits. Ground water can also find its way to the house via the basement, so there should be a flood pump in there to pump it outside and prevent water level rising down there. As soon as the storm subsides, homeowners should call storm restoration professionals immediately before the damage spreads to carry out storm remediation. The water restoration or home restoration company should act swiftly after a hurricane damage to clear off the water using a flood pump.

Dealing with Ice Dams

Ice damming is the formation of a ridge of ice at the roof of a house. An ice dam keeps water from melting snow from draining off the roof, the water is held behind the ice dam and can easily find its way into the house leading to flooding and frozen pipes. If the water seeps through the shingles into the house, it could lead to damage on the walls, ceiling, and other parts of the structure.

Ice dams or ice damming can be dealt with by breaking them into small pieces with a blunt mallet. Using a sharp tool can damage the shingles and lead to further roof leak — its best to let a professional ice damage company do the work of removing ice damming before you carry out roof repair. Ice dams can also lead to ice damage on the roof and rather than dealing with them after a storm, homeowners should seal air spaces beneath the roof and prevent the format of these ice ridges in the first place. Frozen pipes are another cause of ice damage during storms.

Dealing with Roof Damage

Roof damage can be caused by falling objects or the roof itself getting blown away by the strong winds. If the roof of a house is destroyed as a result of a hurricane damage, homeowners are advised not to climb to the unstable roof in an attempt to carry out roof repair. They should call professionals to do the roof repair for them.

The first thing homeowners should do after storm damage or wind damage is getting in touch with a storm restoration, water restoration, or home restoration company. They are experts in matters to do with storm remediation. Additionally, they are probably better equipped to do that since they have powerful tools like a flood pump. For a typical homeowner, trying to undertake the storm restoration process without professional help can even be dangerous.
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What You Need To Know About Water Damage

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What You Need To Know About Water Damage

There are several ways you may fall victim to a water damage situation. It could be a case of flood damage, a water supply line break, a pipe break or water damage after a fire rescue mission. All these pose a risk to the lives of the residents living on the property. The importance of a water clean-up and a restoration exercise can, therefore, not be understated. However, there are a few steps to consider should you be in this predicament.

Steps To Take After Detecting Water Damage

Water related damage can be progressive. At other times it could result from a one-time calamity such as a storm. The steps you take once you notice water seeping through your structure are crucial. They may serve as mitigation initiatives against further loss in the flooded home.

Shutting Down the Electricity Supply

Any case of flood damage poses a risk of a fire or loss of life due to an electric fault. To prevent this, shut down the primary power source.

Shut Off the Main Water Supplies

The aim of doing this is to avoid flood damage that may further complicate any water cleanup efforts. In most cases, this is the step taken when there is a slow water leak. A water supply line break or a faulty water system is the leading cause of slow, gradual leaks.

Call a Professional

A technician comes in handy in situations such as when there is a water supply line break or any other pipe break. Call in the professional as a mitigation initiative in preventing further damage to the flooded home.

What to Avoid Doing When There Is a Water Leak

There some tasks you may want to handle when faced with a water in the home or a water in the business scenario. It is best not to do them. They including the following.

Using Any Electric Appliances

There is the temptation of using some electrical appliances. Top among them is using a vacuum cleaner to drain the water or dirt in your property. In such a situation, you could fall victim to an electric shock. It is best to refrain from using any electronic appliance in a flooded home.

Minimizing Movements

Making movements in a flooded home has the potential to damage your personal effects. You could slip and injure yourself. Try to move less as a mitigation measure against any injury or damage.

When to Call the Restoration Company

The best time to call a restoration company is when you notice any water supply line break, pipe break or any flood damage in your premises. Here is a look at the restoration or water cleanup crew does.

Inspection and Assessment of Extent of Damage

Investigation informs the team’s cause of action. Cases of water in business could result in more damage compared to water in home situations. Water cleanup exercises, drying and restoration approaches are therefore different. Thus the need for an assessment.

Water Removal

The restoration company employs the use of industrial pumps and vacuums for the water cleanup exercise. They are the initial steps in drying your home or business premises.

Drying and Dehumidification

Under this, the restoration company dries the remaining water after the vacuuming. The aim is to drain all water and humidity in the property thoroughly. Drying is crucial in the mitigation of mold growth due to the water in the home or the water in the business.

Cleaning and Sanitization

The aim of the restoration services is turning your business premises or home back to its original state. That is before the damage from the water in the home or water in the business escalates. Your furniture is cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial products. Thanks to this, odors and bacteria are eliminated. Depending on the extent of the damage, the team may replace destroyed walls, repair any pipe break or conduct reconstructions on your property.

There is no doubt that water related disasters can be catastrophic. That being said, it is possible to have your home or business premises restored back to its original state. Call a restoration team and let them sort all your water damage needs.
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The Importance of Fire damage Restoration

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The Importance of Fire damage Restoration

Fire ranks as one of the most dangerous events that a home or business owner can face. In a matter of seconds, flames can sweep the entire building leaving an empty shell behind. While the first course of action is to get people to safety, the effects of fire damage become apparent after the fire. Fire damage brings with it other forms of damage such as smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage. These elements can be as destructive as the flames.

When faced with a fire in the home or fire in the business, fire damage restoration is important. It is wrong to assume that the insurance company will pay for everything. In most cases, homeowners find themselves in legal battles with insurance companies when their claims are denied. To appreciate the importance of hiring a commercial fire damage company, home and business owners need to understand the effects of fire.

Smoke damage is inevitable after a fire in the home or fire in the business. Smoke can cause damage to the furnishings and other possessions. Items such as clothing, window treatments, upholstery, wall hangings and carpeting can suffer smoke damage. Smoke can be oily and sticky, and this makes it hard to remove. This is why affected persons should work with a restoration company. A thorough fire cleanup can restore a home or business to its previous condition.

Smoke also comes with a smoke smell that is pungent and unpleasant. The smoke smell can also linger in the rooms and clothing if proper fire cleanup is not done. A commercial fire damage company will install a board up. The board up is to prevent further exposure to the fire damage. A proper board up will also limit access to the affected areas.

Fire damage restoration must take care of the smoke damage. It is ill advised to ignore it or simply mask it. A professional restoration company will have ozone generators to help break down the molecules that cause the smoke smell. This is why it is important to let fire cleanup experts handle the task after a fire in the home or a fire in business. They have the experience and tools to carry out a systematic fire damage restoration.

Soot damage is another important part of the restoration process. Soot is the flaky black substance that is left after an incomplete combustion. Soot damage can affect the ceilings, walls and even the contents of the building. Soot can be dry or oily. Depending on the type of soot damage, there are cleaning agents that are used by commercial fire damage companies. A restoration company will conduct a test to ascertain the type of soot damage.

Another issue about fire damage is the subsequent water damage. While water is crucial in putting out the fire, it also exposes a home or business to water damage. Fire cleanup services from a restoration company will also include water damage removal. If the water damage is not addressed, it can create a breeding ground for mold and other fungi.

Water damage can also destroy furniture, fabric, and paper. A restoration company will use dehumidifiers and other water extraction tools to dry the home. They will also board up the area to prevent further damage. The commercial fire damage company will also assess the damage and advice the home or business owners on the items that can be salvaged. Immediate drying services can restore some items to their original condition. The ability to save the items depends on how fast one engages the services of a commercial fire damage company.

While fire can have devastating consequences, immediate fire damage restoration can reduce the extensive losses that come after a fire in the home or fire in the business. Their expertise and experience can save the situation and ensure that home and business owners return to their daily activities in a short period of time. Visit for more information on fire.

The Battle of Mold Damage

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The Battle of Mold Damage

Battling mold could take forever if the correct steps aren't utilized. Anyone who has dealt with mold removal might remember it can and will return if not addressed correctly the first time. Remediation of the mildew, fungus and black mold the first time around can save a home or business owner tons of time and money. It's nothing that should drag on forever. The solution is as simple as allowing a highly trained expert to diagnose the issue and remove the threat at the source.

Mold growth shouldn't have to be anything longer than a short term problem. In fact, mold removal in the right hands isn't a long term issue. Experts who know the gravity of the situation can carefully secure any mold damage and provide remediation for mold in home or commercial mold damage victims.

What happens when a mold damage professional looks at a dwelling? A restoration company can assess the situation. They can properly diagnose the type of mold that has surfaced.
Is it black mold? Could it possibly lead to dry rot? Does the smelly odor need deodorization or will it go away alone? These are questions the general public doesn't typically have answers to. These are questions a professional restoration company can usually answer within their first assessment of seeing the mold growth.

Sometimes mold growth isn't even visible. Mold growth behind wall is a completely different beast to tackle. It might just leave an obnoxious smelly odor for residents to deal with. A true professional needs to be consulted to find the mold growth behind wall.

Mold damage in home or commercial mold damage can be tricky if left alone and untreated. It can also be tricky if it's treated without care or knowledge. Mold growth can spread. The spores can move from one piece of wood to another. This condition could lead to dry rot. Dry rot occurs when the wood that supports the home or business starts to decay because of the extensive mold damage. This dry rot damage could lead to a potential rebuild of the dwelling in question.

A restoration company can dig to find the root of the issue. Unlike general consumers, a professional can figure out what started the problem. They can identify the type of mold so the source is contained. Was it a leaky pipe within the interior of the home? Is the air condition leaking? Is excessive humidity and moisture leading to black mold? Does the shower need to be revamped? Is there enough proper ventilation in certain areas of the home? These could all be present whether it's mold growth behind wall, visible fungus or mildew.

Mold in home or commercial mold damage may seem like a quick fix at the first sight. The fungus and mildew though should provide valuable hints to an expert on how to contain the spread of the spores and how to keep it from occurring over and over again.

The remediation provided for a specialist could be the difference between mold continuing to spread deeper into the wood structures. It could also also be the difference between eradicating the fungus, mildew and smelly odor once and for all.

Mitigation is the lessening of the damage seen with mold. That involves things like deodorization to remove the funky aroma. The smelly odor isn't something customers want to endure during a commercial mold damage scenario. It's also nothing a mold in home customer wants to take to bed with them, either. Deodorization is the icing on the cake to returning things back to normalcy. That's why mitigation by a professional is crucial in the early stages. It's not just the appearance of mold that can wreak havoc.

Why doesn't everyone utilize a restoration company for mitigation and remediation? Mold in home and commercial mold damage victims often wait or don't believe the mold damage is that bad. Mold removal might seem like an easy task or something consumers can look up with "how to" videos. Maybe mold growth behind wall isn't visible and they don't realize the mold growth even exists or is even spreading. The mitigation, when handled by a professional, can bring a building completely back to where it was before the mold occurred.

Black mold and many other types of mold can be removed at the source of the problem instead of just where it has populated. Deodorization can also help with the mold removal to alleviate the awful smell associated with the spores. A professional can at least assess the mold. This way the damage can be located and controlled. The source of the problem can be fixed. The long term spread of mold can be corralled. Ultimately, that's what most home and business owners hope to achieve.
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The Importance of First Aid and CPR Training in the Workplace

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As emergency responders SERVPRO of Edmonds, Lynnwood 8 Bellevue West experiences daily the importance of a rapid and efficient response. Life can change in a matter of minutes which is why we know the best way to expect the unexpected is to be prepared. What better way to celebrate preparedness than to certify our employees in CPR and First Aid training?

We teamed up with one of our favorite associations; PHCCWA (Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors of Washington) to host a CRP and First Aid class at our facility in Lynnwood. Many of our association members and our team members attended to renew their certifications.

We think CRP and First Aid training is important in the work place for many reasons;

  • Having trained employees can make a substantial difference in your ability to maintain a safe work environment. They will be able to respond more quickly and effectively when medical emergencies occur.
  • This training and knowledge provides a sense of security and promotes a more confident work environment.
  • As staff becomes more prepared and responsive – they also become more aware of their surroundings and more likely to spot potential hazards. This inspires a ‘safety culture’.
  • 25% of all emergency room visits can be avoided with basic first aid and CPR certification.
  • Safety precautions and preparedness applies to ANY industry of ANY size.

There are many local resources that can help you get CPR and First Aid Certified such as The Red Cross or Snohomish County Fire District 1. Call SERVPRO of Edmonds, Lynnwood & Bellevue West and speak to one of our Marketing Specialists to learn more about how you can be personally prepared; 425-774-1148.